NBC has partnered many global brands from start-up to commercialisation of their concepts. We can formulate from scratch or draw inspiration from our extensive library of stock formulations to suite your needs. 

Our tanning portfolio includes lotions, foams and spray formulations as well as professional tan solutions. These can be formulated to include a variety of properties, such as rapid development and fast drying action. We have vast experience in colour matching tanning products to suit all skin tones. 

Continual innovation in the Self-Tan category has contributed to a significant growth in our formulation portfolio which include;

  • Pre-Tan products
  • Tanning glow products
  • Face Tan products
  • Various body products in different formats as clear and coloured foams, lotions, butters, serums
  • Professional Tan solutions
  • Tan finishing products such as Tan drying powders

With in-house validation NBC has the technical expertise and capabilities to ensure that Self-Tan products we develop will be the “games changers” in the market!