Natural Beauty Care manufactures all products in our manufacturing facility in Highett, Victoria. 

The 9,000m2 site comprises production, warehouse, and administration. Natural Beauty Care produces a diverse range of products encompassing creams, emulsions, liquids, gels, and waxes, in a variety of packaging including bottles, jars, tubes, droppers, and sprays.

These products are formulated, tested, compounded, filled, and packed in our own facility.

Packaging is purchased from premium local and international suppliers, many of whom have enjoyed a longstanding business relationship with Natural Beauty Care.

Production Filling

Our production filling process is based on a range of semi-automatic production cells that process our products from presentation of packaging, through to product filling, capping, labelling, coding, and wrapping the product.

Our experienced production personnel are familiar with all types of product configurations including cartoning, labelling, shrink wrapping and presentation packaging.

Our flexible lines can handle both low-volume and high-volume production runs. We produce ~2 million units on a single shift operation with additional capacity available.

Natural Beauty Care is experienced with diverse and sustainable packaging solutions.

Bulk Manufacture

A team of expert dispensers and compounders operate in a modern ISO certified facility making a broad range of liquid and solid bulk products.

Natural Beauty Care produces around 400 tonnes of bulk every month. In-situ QC testing in our state-of-the-art laboratory ensure 100% compliance to Quality specifications.

Global Business Logistics

Natural Beauty Care is a global supplier of product to markets such as Europe, Asia, and the US. Export trade now represents a growing part of our business. Our logistics expertise has helped our brand customers develop their business worldwide.