Did you know that Australia has the highest rate of Melanoma incidents per capita in the world by far?

Exposure to the sun’s harmful rays and blue light can be very damaging and has various effects on the skin such as wrinkling, peeling, redness, and dryness.

It is imperative to use a high-quality, trusted and well-tested formulations to provide the best possible protection for your skin both indoors and outdoors.

NBC is dedicated to working on better ways to bring skin science products to life with innovative textures and formats to suite your needs.

*NBC has the capability to the manufacture secondary claim SPF products up to SPF15

Our amazing Research and Development team has curated the best sun care formulations for every skin type, including:

  • After sun lotion, mists / sprays
  • Cooling gels
  • Repair creams and masks
  • SPF tanning oils
  • Tan accelerators

Our team can create formulations that are unique to your needs, whether natural or organic, fragrance-free or for sensitive skin.